How to enlarge a man's penis at home without cream?

Penis enlargement at home can be done without cream

Enlarge the penis at home without creams is possible. To get a tangible result of growth, you will have to spend a lot of time and be patient. There are many different exercises performed by the hands that help to increase the length and thickness of the penis, to make the head of the organ more voluminous.

Jelqing in Arabic means "milking". An effective technique, performed in various variants. The main thing is that the constant stretching of the penis contributes to the increase of the cavernous bodies, more blood flows into them against the background of an erection, which increases the penis in an excited state.

For beginners, it is better to start with the Jelqing technique. After 2-4 months of training, you can move on to more serious techniques. According to NUPers, extreme twisting works effectively. But this method of penis enlargement is best practiced by experienced men, as there is a high probability of injury.

For the growth of the reproductive organ in length, you can use exercises such as "rope", "sitting on the penis", etc. Let's think about how to enlarge the penis without creams and what exercises will help with this?

Jelqing technique for penis enlargement

The Arab technique helps to enlarge the penis without ointment and surgery. It has different versions and its own functions. In general, there are two types of exercise: using gel / cream and dry type of exercise. In the first case, it is not necessary to use a specialized ointment that accelerates the growth of the penis. The tool is needed to facilitate movements during their performance, so you can take the usual lubricant for sex.

Jelqing is performed with the thumb and forefinger.

Before starting training, it is necessary to warm up the penis. It helps to accelerate blood flow, relaxes soft tissues and corpora cavernosa, which eliminates the possibility of injury to the penis. It takes 5-10 minutes to warm up. Use a hot water bath for the penis or apply a heating pad to the shaft of the organ. Some even use a sock into which hot dry rice is poured. The scrotum should not be heated.

Jelking is performed on the penis in a relaxed state, as well as during an erection - 50-100%. For those who have just embarked on the path of penis enlargement, it is better to start with wet jelqing on the penis at rest. "Professionals" can handle 100% erection.

So how to enlarge penis without gels? To help men, the following exercise:

  • Apply lubricant to the penis, rub into the shaft of the organ. After that, it is necessary to achieve the required percentage of erection. If during the exercise the lubricant is absorbed quickly, then it is not forbidden to add a little;
  • Grasp the base of the reproductive organ with the thumb and forefinger forming a ring. Compress. The squeeze is not strong, but noticeable;
  • Then the ring should be moved - moved to the head of the phallus. When a person reaches the head, it is necessary to fix in this position for 10-15 seconds;
  • After letting go, repeat with the other hand.

Dry Jelq should be applied in a similar way, only lubricant is not used, accordingly there is a large load on the manhood. There is a risk of injury with strong pressure.

Excessive load or incorrect actions during the exercise lead to the formation of hematomas, swelling of the penis, hyperemia, pain, the appearance of a capillary network due to the rupture of the smallest capillaries.

Extreme twists to increase the length and thickness of the penis

After extreme twisting, penile pain can be distressing

So, how to enlarge the penis without creams and surgery? According to men, the extreme twisting of the penis deserves attention. These exercises are only recommended for those who have been doing vascular training for more than six months. You cannot resort to such activities if there is a history of inflammatory pathologies, anatomical deformation of the organ, severe curvature.

Extreme twisting is a unique workout that is characterized by its flexibility. This is because the exercise helps to increase both the length and thickness of the manhood. The advantage is that the lesson has many positive reviews left by men who have achieved a certain result.

Keep in mind that there is no magic pill or drug that will promote active penis growth. To gain a few centimeters, you will have to spend 5-8 months and you need to make serious efforts. Twisting characteristics: the exercise is performed on a 100% erect phallus; Warm up before training.

Execution of the exercise:

  1. Usual movements to bring the penis to an erection. Lubricant cannot be used, all actions are performed on a dry organ.
  2. Then you need to take the head of the phallus with your hand and start twisting it. It's like squeezing a wet rag out of water.
  3. It is necessary to twist until painful sensations appear. When one reaches a painful point, you must stop. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, after which the penis is released.
  4. Repeat the twist, but in the other direction. In total, it is necessary to rotate the penis in each direction 5-25 times.

When the exercise is performed correctly, there is discomfort, and after training, some tension is felt in the genitals. The job can get complicated. During twisting, one hand is on the head, the second supports the base. With the hand that holds the head, you need to pull the penis away from you several times.

Training for beginners is dangerous with the risk of tearing the frenulum and inflammation of the foreskin and / or head, the appearance of cracks in the foreskin and bruises.

Often the pain syndrome is detected within 2-5 days.

Complex of exercises for the growth of the phallus

Penis enlargement can be achieved through exercise

You can enlarge the penis without surgery and creams with the help of homework. The simplest exercise is the rope. It is suitable for men who do not yet have practical skills for penis enlargement. Training is similar to extreme twisting, but has certain characteristics.

All actions are performed on the penis in a relaxed state. If an increase is observed during the session, the training is interrupted. The member is twisted as in the previous exercise - with one hand they support the base of the member, with the other hand they hold the glans - with this hand they perform the necessary movement.

After the class, it is necessary to warm the genital organ well, massage with the help of lubricant or lubricant. The massage procedure lasts 5 minutes, helps improve blood circulation in the body. The "rope" can be used to treat erectile dysfunction, as the exercise has a positive effect on blood flow.

Exercises to accelerate penis growth:

  • Bring the penis to 70-80% erection. Then grasp the base of the penis, begin to bend the manhood in different directions. Bend until painful sensations appear. It is necessary to perform 10 folds in each direction. Start time for training - 5 minutes;
  • Reverse jelqing. Apply some lubricant to the penis, rub it in. With a grip, the ring grips the head of the organ and pulls it to the base of the penis. During the execution of this movement, it is necessary to act not on the skin of the organ, but on the trunk itself. Initially, it should be carried out with a lubricant, after which its use can be abandoned;
  • To increase the head, they tighten the base of the erect penis, and with the second hand - with all the fingers, rub the head for 5-10 minutes. Use lubricant as there is a high chance of head injury.
  • If you are not satisfied with the thickness of the penis, then its punching is used. Take a dry penis with your hands, the thumbs are located on top of the trunk, the rest are below. In the process of training, they move from the base to the head. With all fingers, it is necessary to strongly press the genital organ, as if "flattening" it. Do it within 10 minutes. Gradually increase the time of the lesson, the force of the load.

In the beginning, it is recommended to exercise every other day so as not to put a heavy load on the reproductive organ. After that, you can go to daily classes, it is enough to take a one-day break every 7-10 days. Groin discomfort after exercise is a variant of the norm; if it hurts a lot, then you should stop exercising for a while.