The most real and proven methods of penis enlargement without surgery

The penis can be enlarged without resorting to surgery

Gerry, a teacher from Pennsylvania, was unhappy with the size of his penis. Back in school, as a playmaker on the football team, he discovered this problem by watching his peers in the shower. By the age of 20, his penis was 11. 3 cm long. This gave rise to an inferiority complex, Gehry concluded.

The future teacher's life changed dramatically when he found a way out - training. As a true athlete, he set a goal that he would achieve at any cost.

Using home remedies, ointments and massage, Gerry achieved impressive results. In one year, his member has increased by 4 cm in length and 2 cm in width. By the age of 32, he gained the cherished 18 cm.

A surgical table is an option for owners of an unusual penis size. In other cases, consider alternative ways to increase it.

What is the normal size and should I change it?

Norms for the size of the male genital organs do not exist. In addition, large sizes often cause pain to a woman. This is a paradox: the forums are full of messages from girls dreaming of "average" members. Instead of these "units", looking at which they exclaim: "wow! "

Studies at the American University and the University of Milan established the average length of an erect penis.Oit was just over 14 cm.

In a multicultural aspectthe average length varies from 13 to 17 cm.

The normal size of the penis is from 13 to 17 cm

As a result, the phallusunder 12 cm in the erect state are classified as small penises. If a membermore than 17 cm - to large. Depending on the era and the number of surveyed thesesthe figures differ by 1-2 cm.

If your size falls within the average parameters, you should not worry. The surgical table in this case is a mockery of the body.

There are no indications for penis enlargement without surgery.These methods are not prescribed by doctors. This is a conscious choice of a man.

Indications for plastic surgery:

  • Micropenis, that is, the size of the penis is less than 8 cm.
  • Small penis size combined with functional problems.
  • Congenital anomaly or acquired deformity.
  • age disorders.

The best ways

The most effective, proven and "non-exotic":

  • Carbonated drinks;
  • Exercises;
  • nozzles;
  • medicines;
  • Gels, creams, ointments and sprays;
  • pumps;
  • Extension cords;
  • stretchers;
  • Massages;
  • Stretching of loads;
  • jelking;
  • folk methods.

Let's look at each of them separately.

Folk methods

Folk methods will help to increase the penis at home

Folk methods are popular today. Example: penis enlargement with baking soda.

Baths are made on the basis of baking soda, after regular use of which the penis becomes more elastic. Thanks to the reinforcement, a feeling of additional volume is created.


There are penis enlargement exercises that are used by men all over the world.


Jelqing is a massage that stretches the length of the penis. Massage movements increase blood flow to the penis, stretching the corpora cavernosa. This provides the result. The first effect is noticeable after a month of stable training.

During jelqing, lubricants are used and the organ is handled carefully.

The penis is wrapped around the palm and pressedno more than 15 seconds. Then stretch in different directions, alternating movements: up and down, right and left.In the course of the correct exercise, there are no unpleasant, painful sensations.


Nozzles are classified as sexual entertainment. They bring new sensations to intimacy, but they do not become your "psychotherapist". Nozzles are divided into thickening and lengthening.

Penis enlargement

The nozzles are made of hypoallergenic materials. They add to the body3 to 10 cm instantly.


The pharmacy sells medicines as well as ointments, creams or gels. They also increase blood circulation in the groin area. This stimulates penis enlargement. Medicines are available without a prescription, but this does not exclude itcontraindications.

The preparations are used after consultation with a specialist.

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement


Pumps enlarge the penis and improve potency. The device increases blood flow to the penis by creating a vacuum inside the device.

One-time use does not give long-term results.It is used immediately before intimacy.

Extension cord and stretcher

An extender is a specially designed device that stretches the membrane of the penis. It is worn every day three times for three hours. Pain is a signal of improper use of the extender.

The device causes discomfort only at the beginning of the training path!

After applying to the personincreases its length by 1–2 cm in 6–12 months.

The main load and the schedule for wearing the device are determined by the doctor. Intensity does not affect tissue growth rate. Patience is the companion of learning.

The stretcher performs the same functions as the extender. However, the stretcher is invisible under clothing.


Man enlarges penis with massage

Massage increases the penis, improves potency.

The techniques are aimed at increasing blood flow and stretching the corpora cavernosa.


Stretching with a load is an ancient method, but from thisno less dangerous. Under the weight of a load attached with a cord and a band-aid on the head, the penis stretches, activating tissue growth.

This method is extremely traumatic!

After hanging, they lose intimate sensitivity, regular pain appears. In this case, the training is suspended. After some time, the mode is restored by reducing the weight of the load.

Having reached the cherished 18 cm, Geri stopped. "I enlarged the member, " said Harry, "to develop mentally, physically and to move to a new spiritual level. It was a step on the way to the overall development of your body, to its tangible modification.

We recommend combining methods based on stretching the tissues of the phallus with the use of special tools.

To help the body, use foods and herbs for penis growth.