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  • Constantin
    It's a great tool, up to 3 cm in a month! The girl pleased, plus much increased desire in bed by now, out all day!
  • Ioan
    Although it is a good drug, increases libido only one application. But the main effect – Growth member, remains forever. Penis grew a few cm and with a diameter of 4 cm was added.
  • Viorica
    I didn't believe at first but has really grown members. However, not to write here, 6 cm and 4 only. I think another lesson to try, maybe will increase even more.
  • Floarea
    I bought the husband, I love him, but a member there, perhaps, desirable, almost never I didn't enjoy. But now! Thick, long, hard, pleasure in bed. As the continuation of the relationship and a good sex.
  • Ileana
    Say what you will, size is important. I have quit once because I wanted to little like a man, but I've decided to finally gel Gigant buy, and suddenly will help. I guess now to throw him, you have a penis already grew by 5 cm, it's something else entirely!
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