Instructions for use Gigant

Gel Gigantteaching how to achieve maximum results

Gigant gel instructions for use

There are many men that secretly dream of the penis to increase a little bit, but for those who this is very important. The following is narrated, how it is used to make the product a quick way to enlarge your penis and the most desirable lover. The attached instruction for the same package with the drug.

Gel application

  • Pre-heat the warm water and rub gently until gel is completely absorbed apply penis penis tool.
  • After that, massage my own dick. Easy in Erection and hand in a smooth motion, gently but firmly squeezing the penis barrel, pull with the movement itself. I feel the pain you don't have to pull very hard, just a concrete thriller. Occupy movement you need just a few seconds. Go ahead, massage for 10-15 minutes. Use the tool twice a day, within the next two months to achieve a significant impact.

Indications tools

  1. The dimensions of discontent, mistrust and fear sexual contact with the penis.
  2. Disorder, sexual life, partner there is a lack of orgasm.
  3. Low libido, lack of sexual power, general weakness, and energy decline.
  4. Weak, weak erections.

That will help significantly to achieve rapid growth and improve libido penis high performance gel Gigantget it on the official website Romania not to get a fake or an ineffective product.


Contraindications and drug in the content of natural ingredients, this gel forming allergy, it is advisable you should consult a specialist.